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Reusable is the REAL circular economy

Glass production is very energy and resource intensive. The production of glass requires constant temperatures of around 1,600°C and depends largely on natural gas. And despite the effective recycling of waste glass in Germany, the process will never be complete without the addition of quartz sand and other rare resources.

1.5 million

Saved disposable bottles

By the end of 2024, our reusable bottles will have replaced 1.5 million disposable bottles.


Cleaning instead of new production

Our containers are cleaned with 85°C warm water instead of being produced over and over again at 1,600°C.


Saving CO2

Our reusable system saves an average of 50% of CO2-Emissions from glass packaging.

The reusable cycle in one hand

As a full-service provider of reusable glass packaging, we take care of the entire cycle: from delivery, collection, sorting and cleaning — making reuse as easy as single-use.


We deliver bottles and jars on pallets for bottling


In Germany, numerous trading partners are already participating in the dotch system

Use & Consumption

Consumers are already familiar with reusable packaging for drinks or dairy products.


This is where the magic of circulation begins: The reusable containers are returned via reverse veding machines or at the cash register.

Collection & Sorting

Together with trading partners, we take care of the return of the containers.


The bottles and jars are cleaned and packaged by our professional cleaning partner.

Satisfied Customers

Hear what our customers have to say about us

Our products are in reusable packaging - that is our goal. But alone, without a service partner like dotch, we could represent reusable neither ecologically nor economically.

Inga Ali

CEO AllerLiebe and WildLand

With dotch, we are happy to have found a system provider with whom we can now offer our oils in reusable bottles throughout the organic retail.

Judith Faller-Moog

Owner and CEO Ölmühle Moog / BIO PLANÈTE

Thanks to dotch, we don't have to worry about sourcing, cleaning and the logistics of the bottles.

Liane Maxion

CEO Naturata AG

dotch's 'packaging-as-a-service” model also gives smaller manufacturers access to reusable packaging. dotch is therefore a pioneer for reusable 2.0.

Tobias Bielenstein

CEO Reusable Working Group & Head of Public Affairs GdB

Moving from a linear economy to a circular economy is a real challenge. And this is where dotch offers a solution that enables its partners to do just that.

Dr. Katharina Reuter

CEO BNW Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V.

Reusable systems are becoming increasingly important and represent a necessary development. At the same time, however, they are a challenge for food retailers. As a system provider, dotch is committed to making the introduction of reusable packaging in various product areas as easy as possible for all parties involved, in particular food retailers. I like that dotch involves everyone along the chain.

Jochen Vogel

CEO REWE Region North

dotch has recognized the complexity of deposit handling in retail and is significantly reducing it for us.

Georg Kaiser

Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, BIO COMPANY

We are already present all over Germany

Products in reusable dotch bottles are already available throughout Germany, in organic retailers and in some Edeka stores. Almost all organic wholesalers run the system and also accept the empty bottles.

dotch reusable bottles are already available at the following retailers:

May we present: Our 0.5 liter reusable bottle for edible oils

Standard oil bottle neck finish with pourer

Certified stability for up to 50 cycles

20% lighter than the standard Marasca & Dorica oil bottles

Returnable at the reverse vending machine

Variable label sizes, shapes & closure colours

Can be used for oils & vinegars across all products

Introduction of further volumes & bottle colours planned

Reusable for other prepackaged foods

Following the successful start with the reusable system for cooking oil bottles, we are expanding our portfolio to include further product categories in glass.

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